Who We Are


Executive Director/Founder

Kevin Price

It’s hard to describe Kevin. He’s one of those people you never forget. He is a dreamer, a thrill seeker, a self-pronounced philosopher, motivational speaker, and a lover of people. He speaks with passion and lives to serve. As a kid he could not understand why people were forced to live on the streets when there are so many empty buildings and so many people that can help, but choose not too. So now he has dedicated his life to opening the hearts of the masses to enact mass change.

Contact me at: kprice@hearingthehomeless.org



Public Relations Director & Event Coordinator

Blaire Babyak

Blaire is many things for Hearing the Homeless. Part event coordinator and part public relations director, she loves to handle many tasks at once! Originally from California, she has been involved in philanthropic work all her life. Some of her favorite times were collecting, cooking, and distributing food to those in need down at the beach in Santa Monica. 

Contact me at: blaire@hearingthehomeless.org



Marketing Director

Brandan Boylan

Brandan’s ambitious mindset and golden heart led him straight to hearing the homeless. He knew he could make a difference, one story at a time. When he’s not spending his life behind a computer, he pays it forward to society with love & compassion.



Fundraising Director

Courtney Griffin

Courtney is a passionate social entrepreneur focused on community development. Receiving her BBA in Marketing and a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership and Change both from St. Edward’s university, she is well equipped to make a real difference in the greater Austin community. With nearly a decade of marketing experience she is excited to tell the story of Hearing the Homeless and support the mission of the organization.



Director of Photography

Victor Vazquez Garza 

Born in Victoria Mexico, studied film in Barcelona catalunya (2004-2007) he has collaborated in various film productions in Mexico, Spain and USA. Currently living in Austin tx.



Community Outreach Director

Sue McCoy

Sue is a Licensed Clinical Counselor, Board Certified Registered Art Therapist, Registered Yoga Instructor, Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, and Certified Mindfulness Instructor. Sue has a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy from The School of the Art Institute Chicago and a Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree from Humboldt State University, Arcata California. She has since gone on to complete many supportive trainings both in art and psychotherapy. 




Mary McDaniel

Mary is passionate about giving the homeless a voice to tell their story. Sharing and seeing life through their eyes her ultimate goal!