Artist of the Month


Ori Bengal @theartofori

Art that Creates Change

Hearing the Homeless offers artists the ability to get involved by using their talents to make a difference. Becoming one of our partnered artists allows you to do what you do best: create art. We provide you with 5x7 inch canvases that you can complete at your own pace and return to us. Every month we will cast votes and showcase a different featured artist across our social media.

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Partnered Artists

Eugene Stetz @Stetzism

Stetz is a New York born and based self taught mixed media artist. His works can be seen in museums and in the streets across North America, in illustration books, at festivals, under bridges, and on the stall walls of your local bathrooms. These paint-travels are documented on his website:

Leigh Watson @WatsonMurals

Nothing excites Leigh more than figuring out a puzzle that begins as just an idea or a color, and turns into something beautiful and meaningful. Her passion for freedom and for making people happy is her driving force and inspires her every day.

Thedocia Mae Crocker @Autumn_in_Mae

Thedocia Autumn Mae is the owner and operator of Sovereign Frequencies, an interdisciplinary and mutli-dimensional artisan company. She opened in 2013 after discovering welding, painting, glass blowing, glass fusing, paper making, printmaking, and textiles were all her passion. Whether it’s fine,urban or craft art, Autumn Mae works daily to create utilitarian art in an effort to restructure the relationship between the artist and the consumer society.

Aerica Raven @Aerica.Raven

Maker, painter, general do'er. Aerica is a multimedia artist trained in illustration and large format painting.

Ori Bengal @TheArtofOri

Ori Bengal is an internationally collected artist. He paints, carves, sculpts, welds, and plays with his food (if you put something in front of him, he'll make something out of it). He has been creating a new work of art *every single day* since April 22, 2012.



Ismael Cavazos is an artist based out of Austin, Texas. The theme of his work is based on recognizing resemblances and then extracting them. His greatest discovery is the Old Man in the Peanut, also known as the Sage of the Leguminati, and has become a mentor teaching techniques using mediums such as scribbles, wood grain, clouds, and even peanuts.