Hearing the Homeless (HTH) is new nonprofit 501(c)(3) startup based in Austin, Texas.

Our vision is to create an environment that humanizes the dehumanized by promoting a new way of looking at the issue of homelessness by seeing everyone as an individual in need of love, connection, and support. Through facilitating positive interactions between the homeless and the community as a whole, we aim to unify everyone in Austin to work together to fulfill not just the financial needs of the homeless, but the social, emotional, and spiritual needs as well.

HTH understands that homelessness is a "problem" and we know that "solving" it is a lofty goal. However, we believe that if we can make a difference in even a small number of people's lives, it is a step in the right direction. We aim to hear and help the homeless... one human at a time.



Kevin Price, the Founder of Hearing the Homeless (HTH), grew up in a small town in New Mexico where he befriended the town’s only habitual homeless man, RickyD. The impact RickyD made in his life over a 15 year span ignited the passion in his heart and planted the seed in his mind for HTH to grow.

Shortly after settling into Austin and experiencing the immense need all around him, the idea for Hearing the Homeless struck him like a lightning bolt in the middle of the night.

After two years of building infrastructure, HTH has begun to facilitate secure, transparent, direct, support from the public to the impoverished. But we need your support. Join the movement and help us to impact even more lives.

One person can not do everything, but one person can do something, and together we can change the human at time.