HTH in a Nutshell

HTH is a nonprofit that works with the homeless, or as we call them, "HTH Representatives," on a one-on-one basis. By capturing and  sharing their stories with the world, we hope to humanize the homeless and build a community of support around them to foster positive relationships and life changing resources.


Crowdfunding Through Stories 

HTH provides a platform for the ignored to be heard by using a team of professional videographers to capture their stories. We then assign a team of individuals to run crowdfunding campaigns on their behalf to facilitating direct donations from a larger community network. Every HTH rep has different needs, hopes, dreams, talents, and skills, so we work with them to figure out where they want to be in life and work to provide them with the resources/services/items/relationships  that will take them there.

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Donate Directly with Penny Inc. Cards

We assign each of our HTH Reps a personal expense cards with technology that prevents theft. We invite the community to donate directly to the person whose story moves them, with 90% of the money deposited onto his/her card or into savings for a specific need. These cards use technology provided by Penny Inc. that ensure responsible spending while also helping with financial management. We have also partnered with Mobile Cause to ensure that community donations are managed responsibly, transparently, and securely. 

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Community Engagement Through Art and Events

HTH believes that one way to spread love is through art. So we engage with the community through inspiring artistic creativity. We've partnered with over 100 public schools in Austin and surrounding areas, local companies, professional artists, and pop-up events in an effort connect individuals from different walks of life through creating art that creates change. All of the art created by the community is used to provide an additional stream of revenue for the homeless as well as maintain our educational programming in the schools.

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