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Our goal at this point in time is to help vulnerable communities STAY SAFE during this worldwide pandemic. 

In these unprecedented times, those who don't have the safety of four walls and a roof to keep them protected are especially vulnerable.

"Stay home" is good advice for those who have one. Who's looking out for those who don't?

Help us provide HALOLife masks and replaceable nanofilters to people who need them most -- one human at a time.


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Kevin's Story

Growing up in a small town, I was pretty sheltered. I had no clue how big of an issue homelessness was. In my town there was only one individual who was homeless, a man by the name of Ricky D. Over a fifteen-year period, Ricky D and I developed a deep friendship. Initially, I was drawn to Ricky D because of his incredible stories. I would spend hours outside of that tin shed he called home, captivated by his stories of life in the 70s, Desert Storm, and his travels across America. I learned many valuable lessons from Ricky D, but the most important lesson I learned was power of genuine human connection. 

Most people will never understand the sheer psychological isolation homeless individuals experience, and just how detrimental that can be. By spending time with Ricky, I was able to, in some ways, bring him back into society, but more importantly establish a genuine friendship, and that my friends is priceless.

Hearing the Homeless is on a mission to build a community of support for those in need. Through powerful storytelling and videography, we strive to inspire and awaken individuals to the realization that we are all connected and deserving of love and support.

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Our Approach

Hearing the Homeless takes an humanistic approach to addressing the issues of homelessness through looking at every homeless individual as just that a person; a complex individual with distinctive needs, struggles, and obstacles. By taking individual comprehensive assessments, facilitating direct giving from the community, and targeting urgent needs specific to each individual, HTH seeks to remove the barriers keeping our brothers and sisters in need from reentering society and rebuilding their lives.

Our Vision

The vision of Hearing the Homeless is to capture powerful stories of those living on the streets in an attempt to humanize the homeless while building a community of support for those who need it. By documenting these snapshots of humanity, we hope to show you that nothing is more deserving of investment than human life.  One person can not do everything, but one person can do something, and together, we can change the world, starting with Austin, TX. Your support will allow us to foster sustainable change in the lives of the homeless...one human at a time.


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